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Practice Question

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Hello everyone. I've owned guitars since I was a teenager but never did more than play around. I did start to take lessons while in school but after I broke my third string (nylon) my mom made me quit. Anyway I'm now 46 and have the time to really put into practice and learn now.

I'm on my second week of practicing and dealing with sore fingers. I'm working on 3 chords at a time right now and a basic strum. With my fingers being numb and sore I'm finding I prefer to practice often through the day for shorter periods, sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes 15, at least 3 times a day, some days more until my fingers get so sore I cant press down well.

Sometimes I can get nice sound, sometimes the buzz I find myself always correcting myself to get the nice sound but what I'm wondering is am I stressing too much about sound at this point? Should I keep correcting myself or just let it buzz and hope that it will get better as my fingers get tougher?

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Welcome dixiegal, This is a

Welcome dixiegal,

This is a classic question, one that every guitarist must go through. Your at the stage where you must build your finger strength, toughen your finger tips all while trying to get the chords to not buzz.

The answer is time and practice. You don't want to overdue it. You should let your hands and fingers rest once in a while as to much practice will only make things worse.

As mentioned in the forums before also work on your finger memory.

You should be able to place your fingers on a chord all at once instead of one at a time.
You can practice this without pressing down on the strings or strumming.

Hope this helps.

No day better then today!

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I agree time is the essence

I agree time is the essence here. With daily practice and patience you will be able to play your chords faster and cleaner without buzzing. No worries we all been there.

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Thank you both for the advice

Thank you both for the advice and encouragement. I never would have thought to just practice chords without pressing to work on speed. I gave it a try last night while watching tv. It solved the problem of wanting to practice more but not being able to press down one more string.

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In everything that you do,

In everything that you do, it's time and practice that has proven the success results. So it's the perseverance and hardwork will lead the way to improvement.

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