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High E String Low Volume

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Any ideas why changing strings the high e string would have a significantly lower signal than the rest of the strings?
Fender Strat with lace sensors. Never had a problem before.

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How's the pickup height?

How's the pickup height?

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As Mr. 101 suggested, pickup

As Mr. 101 suggested, pickup height is the most likely culprit. Even if the pickup height looks uniform across the pickguard, I have seen a neck twist pull one of the outside strings far enough away from the pickup to cause the problem you're experiencing. Of course with the neck being that bad, inconsistent string volume was the least of it's problems

Mentioning that it's only after string change though would lead me to wonder if either the string isn't sitting on the saddle correctly(not in the groove) of if you're using a gauge string so much larger that it can't fit in the groove of either the nut or saddle.

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