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EPI A-10 Acoustic

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I have an Epi A-10 acoustic with serial no. 1181487 Norlin label Made in Taiwan.
Can anyone tell me what year this was made please and what value it has,if any.

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Good question. I will have to

Good question. I will have to research it. Anyone know off hand?

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Hey I also have an acoustic

Hey I also have an acoustic epi a-10 (I searched it on google and this was this first thing that came up.) I inherited it from my father so I don't know anything about it either. Has anyone found anything out about it?

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I'm guessing late 70's early

I'm guessing late 70's early 80's.

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Wow really? I wasn't

Wow really? I wasn't expecting it to be quite that old.. its still in good condition. Do you know where I can find more info on it, price wise etc?

Here's a couple pics

epila2.jpg epi2ui6.jpg
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I can't provide any info as

I can't provide any info as far as current value, etc., but my guess is that there isn't much monetary value to this guitar. I have one, which I bought when I was in Jr. High School for about $80, serial #888401.

We're talking somewhere around 1977 or so. Spruce top, mahogany back and sides, it appears, and veneer, not solid wood. I've played a lot on this poor little axe, and I still love it. Nice action, a bit of fret buzz that I always felt gave the sound a rock and roll, distorted quality when I really hit a barre chord.

I've strapped this guitar to a backpack and hiked with it, and it's been with me from virginity all the way to my second marriage. It's the main guitar of my life, and I've had a lot of 'em, and a lot fancier and more expensive ones.

I love this little guitar, and it's nice to see that there's someone out there somewhere who also has one. To most, it's a crappy cheap little acoustic, but like any instrument it can become infused with your playing and your history.

Hope you didn't sell it. Looks like your dad took a lot better care of his than I did mine.

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DANN, if yours has the block

DANN, if yours has the block inlays it is the A-12 model. I am bidding on one of these now. Just out of curiosity, how does yours sound? I've heard that these guitars can age very well and be comparable to Yairis in tone and playability. As a Yairi lover and owner, I would love that to be true.

Is there any way you can take some pics of yours?

I have also been told that these guitars my have a solid back as well as top. On yours, does the grain on the inside of the guitar match the grain on the outside of the guitar (the back)?