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E-A-D Low Strings Sound Dark And Dull

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I am having major problems with an Ibanez RG770. The low strings on the guitar sound dark, dull, and undifferentiated. Most importantly, the strings sound this way regardless of whether they are played unplugged or plugged in to various amps.

For comparison, I strummed the strings on my Gibson SG standard, and they sound equally loud and differentiated. Alternatively, on my Ibanez, the high strings sound as loud as the SG and equally differentiated, but the low strings are about half the volume and undifferentiated.

If anyone has any suggestions regarding what part of my guitar could be causing this problems and how I could fix it would be wonderful! Please note, I don't think the problem has anything to do with the electronics of the guitar because I have played it with different pickups (stock vs. emg85 bridge), through different setups (halfstack, versus home studio) and the problem remains.


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Hello tonyj, thanks for your

Hello tonyj, thanks for your reply!

There is a little bit of buzzing when I strum the E string open. However, I would characterize it as a "typical" amount of buzzing (i.e., it buzzes a little if I strike the string relatively hard).

I would also say that although the e-a-d strings all sound dull and dark, the problem is more noticeable as you move to lower strings (that is, the worst problem is with the low E).

What do you think?

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

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Thank you tonyj! As an aside,

Thank you tonyj!

As an aside, I have to note that the "normal" amount of buzz I was referring to on the low E string, doesn't happen at all on my sg; so it's not "normal".

I'm taking this guitar to a professional tomorrow. I will tell him about the lack of volume on the E-A-D strings and about the buzzing on the E string.

Is there anything else you would think it would be important to tell a tech in order to properly diagnose and fix the problem?