Mbrace Guitar Holder with Tripod Mic Stand - Black

Mbrace Guitar Holder with Tripod Mic Stand - Black
Mbrace Guitar Holder with Tripod Mic Stand - Back
Mbrace Guitar Holder with Tripod Mic Stand - Group

The MBrace Guitar Holder is the most unique live performance, stand-up guitar support ever made. If you need to alternate between multiple guitars while onstage, for instance an electric and an acoustic guitar, the MBrace is the bracket that can make your live performance that much more dynamic. The MBrace provides the support, comfort, freedom and versatility that every performing guitarist needs, while not compromising the performance or sound of the instrument. When used in a recording or a rehearsal studio, the MBrace reduces the fatigue associated with long sessions. Since the weight of the instrument is no longer on the performer, you will not tire quickly and can play longer. The MBrace can also be used in the standing or sitting position. When attached to a tripod microphone stand(included) the MBrace is the only UNIVERSAL performance guitar bracket that will securely support any acoustic or electric guitar in the playing position, regardless if it's a dreadnought acoustic, solid body electric, semi-acoustic/electric, jazz style, bass guitar, etc. That's right, the MBrace will work on any guitar, any make or model, and of any body depth! It will even work on a left handed guitar or bass!

This is the perfect accessory for the performing guitarist who is need of a highly portable, low-cost alternative to antiquated, bulky and expensive stand-up guitar supports/stands, such as the Gracie Stand. The best part about the MBrace is it will work on any instrument, unlike other stand-up guitar supports that are specifically designed for only acoustic guitars. The MBrace simply screws onto any tripod microphone stand and then the instrument is attached to the MBrace via a adjustable guitar strap. Your strap simply clips onto your instruments strap buttons and then you thread the strap through the MBrace holes.

The final step in the assembly is to simply 'tension-adjust' your guitar strap so your instrument fits snuggly against the MBrace. You can adjust the angle of your instrument to eleven (11) different playing angles for the greatest playing comfort! Since the MBrace is manufactured out of high-impact plastic and not metal, there are no sharp metal edges, corners, nuts, bolts, screws or surfaces that can damage your instrument’s finish.

  • Tripod mic stand is included
  • Color: Black Mbrace with Black Heavy Duty Tripod Stand

Click to see how to assemble the Mbrace Guitar Support System! Guitar Files interviews Marc Cherry, the guy behind the Mbrace Guitar Support System For more info visit http://www.mbracestand.com/