Mick Thompson From Slipnot Plays DAddario Strings Exclusively

Slipknot, a band that boasts one of the largest on-stage lineups in metal history, is riding an unprecedented high with the release of two platinum albums and two platinum home videos. In addition, a new DVD is well in production, culled from miles of live performance footage.

Everything from Slipknot’s distinctive masked faces to its incredibly dynamic arrangements conspires to a screeching originality. With its fierce bursts of frenetic passages juxtaposed with quiet interludes, Slipknot is as much about projection and durability as it is about sound.

“I’ve always respected D’Addario strings,” comments Mick. “I need a string that will hold its tone through a Slipknot show – a pretty intense event. I need to make consistent segues from whisper quiet sections to full blown crazy spells. D’Addario will hang in there with me. I’ll be relying heavily on the EXL 116 and EXL 120.”

Adds D’Addario Senior Brand Manager Brian Vance, “Were ecstatic that Mick is has chosen to acknowledge the quality of our strings by using them exclusively. He’s a knowledgeable player with extraordinarily demanding requirements.” Slipknot is already using Planet Waves cables for reasons of strength, tone, and longevity.

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