2 Humbuckers with 5 Way Rotary Switch Wiring Diagram

 Two humbuckers with PRS style wiring using a 5 way rotary switch

The wiring diagram shows two standard humbuckers with PRS style wiring. To get the correct coil combinations, the pickups must be installed in the direction shown, with both cable exits closest to the controls.

The five positions on the rotary selector switch will be:

1. neck pickup
2. neck + bridge inside coils (parallel)
3. neck + bridge inside coils (series)
4. neck + bridge outside coils (parallel)
5. bridge pickup.

All five positions are hum-cancelling. Position #2 is sounds Strat-like, while position #4 is more Tele sounding. The degree to which these positions recreate these sounds depends a lot upon which specific pickup models are used. Because the 2 and 4 positions select single coils from each pickup and connect them in parallel, they will have less volume than positions 1, 3 and 5, which select
pickups with coils wired in series.

The amount of volume-drop in positions 2 and 4 will depend on the specific pickup brand/models that are installed.

Volume and tone controls can both be 500K. If the guitar is a little too bright-sounding, treble response can be reduced by using 250K controls for either or both controls. A .022mfd capacitor is the basic recommended value for the tone control but you can use 0.47mfd, 0.33mfd or try 0.15mfd for the Clapton "Women Tone".

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