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Lick of the Month

Guitar Lick of the Month. Every month we showcase a new guitar lick or riff.

Lick of the Month October 2007

This months lick uses the E Minor Pentatonic Blues Scale at the 12th Fret and is the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix or the funky blues rock vein. Included is the guitar tab and mp3 sound file for your convenience. Click on the File Attachment links below to view tab and hear the mp3 sound sample.

Lick of the Month September 2007

This months lick uses the A Minor Aeolian mode or Natural Minor Scale from the key of C. This lick is based in the instrumental rock style and utilizes hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends and right hand slide harmonics.

Lick of the Month August 2007

This months lick uses the open E minor pentatonic scale in the first position. The style is based on the rock-blues genre and sounds like Jimmy Page, Angus Young etc. Note: The first note 3 is bent slightly to give a nice blues effect, also try to let all the open strings 0 ring throughout.

Lick of the Month July 2007

This months licks focuses on a banjo style lick that alternates from G major to F major while maintaining a ringing open G throughout. This lick works well in any country, bluegrass or even blues tunes. Included is the tab and mp3 file for your convenience.

Lick of the Month June 2007

This months lick is in the Chet Atkins style with the typical country alternating bass line along with a interweaved lick/melody, so you will be playing 2 guitar parts at the same time. This is very advanced and may take a while to get down, especially if you have never tried playing this style before.

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