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Guitar Scales / Modes Diagrams

Guitar Scales and Modes Fretboard Diagrams. Learn your scales or modes across the guitars fretboard.

A Mixolydian Mode 12 Fret Diagram - Notes and Intervals

Mixolydian Mode 12 Fret Diagram with notes and intervals in A

The Mixolydian mode contains the same series of tones and semitones as the major scale, except the seventh degree is a semitone lower. The Mixolydian mode is sometimes called the dominant scale, because it is the mode built on the fifth degree (the dominant) of the major scale. The flattened seventh of the scale is a tritone away from the mediant (major-third degree) of the key.

C Phrygian Mode 12 Fret Diagram

C Phrygian Mode 12 Fret Diagram

In modern western music from the 18th century onward, the Phrygian mode is related to the modern natural minor musical mode, also known as the Aeolian mode: the Phrygian scale differs in its second scale degree, which is a semitone lower than that of the Aeolian. The Phrygian has a Spanish/Flamenco or Middle Eastern sound characteristic. Included is a 12 fret diagram of the Phrygian Mode in C.

The 5 Minor Pentatonic Scale Forms

The Pentatonic Scales "Penta meaning 5 in Greek" are basic versions of the major and minor scales. The Major and Minor Scales have 7 notes and the pentatonic scales only have 5 excluding the 4 and 7th tone in major and the 2 and 6th tone in minor(natural minor). Minor Pentatonics are used relentlessly in Blues and Rock music among others styles.

C Major Scale 24 Fret Diagram

Continuing our popular 24 fret scale diagram, this time we included the C Major Scale. Nothing feels better to a guitarist then knowing his or her notes and positions on the guitar. See the attachment below to view the diagram.

Harmonic Minor Scale 24 Fret Diagram

The Harmonic Minor Scale is known as an exotic sounding minor scale with a Indian/Gypsy flavor. The interval b6 to the major 7th interval gives it it's sound. View the attachments below for a diagram and sound file. Harmonic Minor Scale 24 Fret Diagram In the key of C.

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