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Guitar Tips and Tricks

Guitar Tips and Tricks. Everything from tuning your guitars, notes on the guitar, guitar practice tips and more.

Creating Feel and Dynamics

Guitar Files Alien

You can do a lot with just a couple of notes on the guitar or any instrument, but if you don't include accents, silence, good phrasing, rhythmatic differences etc., your solo's or riffs will quickly become uninteresting and predictable. For example when people speak they phrase and accent words differently than us.

Mixing Guitars in Recordings

Mixing Board

Here's some tips and tricks to consider when mixing guitars in a band or recording. Any of these concepts can be done with any DAW computer recording software, like GarageBand, Sonor, Trackton, reel to reel or even an old analog 4-track you got laying around.

8 String Guitar Tunings

8 String Guitar
A continuation of the 7-string is an 8 string guitar. The 8th string guitar has another string a fifth lower than the seven strings low B. The eight string guitars additional low F string is just a whole step up from a bass guitars low E string. While luthiers have been building these instruments previously, mass-produced Eight-string electric guitars are a relatively recent innovation. Ibanez was first to offer a production 8-string guitar in March 2007. Many other companies now produce mass-market 8-string models, yet these guitars remain relatively uncommon.

Playing Clean Tone Tips Using a Gibson Guitar

One of the things that players love most about Gibson guitars is that they yield a hot, fat, full-throated sound when compared to so many other makes and models. Whether your Gibson has PAF-style alnico humbuckers, hotter buckers like the ceramic 500T, or P-90 single coils, chances are it packs a bigger punch than most other instruments out there with inferior humbuckers or thinner single-coil pickups.

How To String A Guitar With Slotted Tuners

This guitar tip will teach you how to restring a guitar with slotted tuners. Instead of a hole in the side of the post there is a slot, the hole is right down the center making it a little more difficult to restring. Once you understand how it's pretty easy just like restringing guitars with standard or locking tuners.
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