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Sus 4 Bar Chords

Sus 4 Bar Chord

In this guitar lesson we will explore the use of basic Sus 4 chords using bar chord forms on the 6th, 5th and 4th strings. A Sus 4 chord or (suspended 4th) is a chord that replaces the 3rd interval of the chord and adds the 4th interval in its place. By adding the 4th it gives the chord a strong unresolved sound and adds tension.

Beginner Open String Guitar Chords Part 1

Beginner Open String Guitar Chords
Ok, you just got your guitar and your sitting there pondering on where to begin, your asking yourself what chords should I learn. Bar chords, what's a 7th chord, what's a major chord and on and on.

The 10 Different Seventh Chords

In this lesson you will look all ten different seventh type chords. Chords included are Diminished, Half Diminished, Minor Seventh, Dominant Seventh, Seventh Diminished 5th, Major Seventh and more. All chords are in the key of C for easy reference.

12 Bar Blues Using II V Chords

The II V I progression is used mostly in jazz music. They add a nice resolving feel to the root chord. For example instead of resolving from E7 to A7 you would now resolve to A7 by adding a II V progression which would be (B-7 E7) then finally A7 the I chord.

Basic 12 Bar Blues Form

For those of you that are just starting out and like listening to the blues this file is for you. Blues is one of the simplest forms of music but can be improvised and made more interesting by using altered chords, inversions and more.

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