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2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Mono/Stereo Wiring

2 x12 Mono/Stereo Speaker Wiring Diagram 8 or 16 ohm speakers

Wiring a 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet with 1 x Stereo and 1 x Mono Jack. We will use 8 or 16 ohm guitar speakers. 4 ohm speakers are not recommended. Using 2 x 8 ohm speakers results in 8 Ohms to each channel in stereo or 4 ohms mono. Using 2 x 16 ohm speakers results in 16 ohms to each channel in stereo or 8 ohms mono. When mounting the jacks use 2 separate mounting jack plates mounted on a non-conductive surface.

Poor Mans Speaker Tester

Poor Mans Speaker Tester Diagram

We all will eventually be in a situation when our amp rig gives out, but how do we know if it's a blown speaker or your amp went bad. This simple test can be done without any kind of test equipment such as a meter. We will need the following: C or D Battery, 1/4" speaker cable and a spare wire.

Guitar Speaker Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Guitar Speakers

Wiring speakers incorrectly or using mismatched speakers will cause excessive wear to your power tubes or even cause damage to your tubes, speakers or even your amps transformers. In order to wire speakers correctly you will need to know the ohm and power rating of each speaker. As a general rule you should use matched speakers (Ohm and Power Rating (Watts) to prevent any damages.

Cleaning Tube Amp Sockets

Cleaning Tube Amp Tube Sockets

Did you know when you change your power or preamp tubes you should also clean your tube sockets as they oxidize over time and dust and debris can build up causing corrosion. To make sure the tubes pins are making good contact with the tube sockets you should use a good electronic contact cleaner such as DEOXIT D5 SPRAY CONTACT CLEANER AND REJUVENATOR every time you change your tubes.

Marshall 3203/4203 C13 Bright Mod

Marshall 4203 30 Watt Hybrid Combo Amp

The Marshall 4203 Artist 30 combo amp was introduced in 1986 and discontinued in 1991. The Marshall 3203 is the mini stack head version of the 4203. The preamp is solid state, only the power amp uses tubes (1x 12AX7 & 2 x EL34). This combo was fitted with a 12" Celestion G12 Vintage T3896 8Ω speaker. This is a great sounding combo amp, but the clean channel is a bit shrill sounding. The C13 capacitor can be clipped out of the circuit or you can add a mini SPDT toggle switch to turn it on or off like a bright switch found on many fender amps.

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