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2 Band Tone Control With 2 Humbuckers


The 2 Band Tone Control wiring scheme with 2 Humbuckers is inspired by G&L Guitars. Features 1 x Volume, 1 x Tone or (treble cut) and 1 x Tone (bass cut). Works great to decrease the bass frequencies in humbuckers to give you more single coil like tones. The Bass cut also has a big effect on overdrive and distortion pedals by making them more focused sounding. The Treble cut works just like a any tone control by cutting treble. Try this wiring scheme before you change your pickups you will be surprised by the cool new tones you can get.

Which Guitar Scale Length Do You Prefer

Which Guitar Scale Length Do You Prefer? Fender 25.5" Gibson 24.75" or PRS 25". I know there's more sacle lengths but these seen to be the most popular. I prefer Fender full scale of 25.5.

Basswood or Poplar

I want to take a stab at building a guitar body. The prices for basswood and polar guitar blanks are cheaper then ash, alder etc. Which wood you choose. Thx.

Super Seven Switching - 72 Pickup Combinations

Super Seven Switching For 2 x 4 connector humbuckers
While browsing the web I came across a cool guitar wiring diagram unlike any I have ever seen. The particular guitar wiring instructions are for a 2 x humbucker, 4 conductor with one volume and one tone. The switching includes six SPDT mini switches and one DPDT mini switch for phase switching. If wired with the DPDT phase switch, 72 pickup combinations are possible, without the phase option, forty distinct tones are possible. Some may think this is overkill, but very cool to say the least. Note that some of the switching variations will likely sound the same.

Creating Feel and Dynamics

Guitar Files Alien

You can do a lot with just a couple of notes on the guitar or any instrument, but if you don't include accents, silence, good phrasing, rhythmatic differences etc., your solo's or riffs will quickly become uninteresting and predictable. For example when people speak they phrase and accent words differently than us.

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