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Playing The Blues Using Sub V Chords

A Sub Five (V) chord is a substitute chord for the 5 (V) chord in a progression which happens to be a dominant chord. In the case of blues that uses most dom 7 chords, you can use the sub 5 (V) chords replacing all the original chords if you chose too. This method is used a lot in the style of jazz.

Neoclassical Rock Ideas

In this lesson we will look at some interesting neo-classical ideas that made Yngwie Malmsteen Popular. Even though he can be slightly over-the-top, he is still a fantastic and popular player. Even if this style of music isnt your thing, a lot can be learned, and applied to other styles.

Frank Zappa Guitar Style

The following are a few examples of the late great Frank Zappa. This file aims to demonstrate some different melodies he would use. With all of these examples, It's strongly recommend that you take the time to listen his songs, due to odd time signatures etc. They only really make sense if you can hear them!

Blues Shuffle Rhythm

In this short lesson, we'll look at the basic blues shuffle. The first step in learning the shuffle is getting familiar with the "swing" type of feel that is inherent to what they call the shuffle feel. Instead of playing straight 8th notes on an even pattern, every second 8th note is delayed, giving it more of a triplet feel. Straight eights are widely used in Rock music, but rarely in the blues.

Western Swing Guitar Style

This is a short lesson in Western Swing or Texas contest-style backup guitar. This lesson will present the basic concepts with some arrangements of tunes with backup parts. This is a short lesson in Western Swing or Texas contest-style backup guitar will present the basic concepts with some chord arrangements of tunes.
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