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A Mixolydian Mode 12 Fret Diagram - Notes and Intervals

Mixolydian Mode 12 Fret Diagram with notes and intervals in A

The Mixolydian mode contains the same series of tones and semitones as the major scale, except the seventh degree is a semitone lower. The Mixolydian mode is sometimes called the dominant scale, because it is the mode built on the fifth degree (the dominant) of the major scale. The flattened seventh of the scale is a tritone away from the mediant (major-third degree) of the key.

C Phrygian Mode 12 Fret Diagram

C Phrygian Mode 12 Fret Diagram

In modern western music from the 18th century onward, the Phrygian mode is related to the modern natural minor musical mode, also known as the Aeolian mode: the Phrygian scale differs in its second scale degree, which is a semitone lower than that of the Aeolian. The Phrygian has a Spanish/Flamenco or Middle Eastern sound characteristic. Included is a 12 fret diagram of the Phrygian Mode in C.

The Modes Sound Characteristic

Each mode will have it's own unique sound characteristic.

Ionian mode, the "Happy" go lucky sound.
Dorian mode, the "Jazzy" sound a little brighter then Aeolian Mode.
Phrygian mode, the "Spanish/Flamenco" sound or Middle Eastern sound.
Lydian mode, the "New Age", Spacey sound, Mysterious sound.
Mixolydian mode, the "Bluesy", Jazzy sound
Aeolian mode, the "Sad" sound.
Locrian mode, the "Weird", Dissonant sound.

Sus 4 Bar Chords

Sus 4 Bar Chord

In this guitar lesson we will explore the use of basic Sus 4 chords using bar chord forms on the 6th, 5th and 4th strings. A Sus 4 chord or (suspended 4th) is a chord that replaces the 3rd interval of the chord and adds the 4th interval in its place. By adding the 4th it gives the chord a strong unresolved sound and adds tension.

The Locrian Mode

The Locrian Mode is considered the black sheep of all the modes. It's the least used mode in popular music, but is used in jazz quite often. The Locrian Mode sounds weird and produces a dissonant sound.

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