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Schaller Floyd Rose

I need a new Schaller Floyd Rose and can't figure out which version. They have the standard version or the lockmeister. What's the main differences.


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Add Tremolo to Silverface Bassman Bass Channel

Anyone ever add a tremolo to the bass channel of a silverface ab165 circuit or similar.

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Modal blues

I'm trying to expand my blues scale knowledge more then the standard pentatonic and blues scales. How do you apply the modes to the dominant chords in blues.

A7 D7 E7

Fender Tone Stack From Board to Pots Mod

Fender Tone Stack moved from board to pot to reduce hiss, hum and Parasitic Oscillation.

The following tone stack mod will help reduce or remove hiss, hum and Parasitic Oscillation in your Fender tube amp. We will be moving the tone stack of a Fender Blackface or Silverface Amp from the board to the pots. This mod reduces about 2-3 feet of grid wire. Included is a detailed layout of how it's done.

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What are the 68k and 1M resistors for on my fender input jacks

What are the 68k and 1M resistors for on my fender amp connected to the input jacks.

Fender Input Screen Resistors
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