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Fender AB165 Driver Mod Layout
Fender AB165 Driver Circuit Mod

The Fender AB165 Bassman is a great guitar and bass amp, but for guitar it sounds a bit dark, muddy and lacks the high end chime that prior Bassman models where famous for. The driver circuit mod converts the AB165 circuit to sound very similar to older tweed Bassmans like the famous 59' model. After the mod you will have a great sounding guitar amp that takes pedals very well. Great amp for Blues, Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Funk etc. The mods are simple and if you don't like them it's easy to convert back to the original circuit.

Fender Black Face Bassman Amp and the Bassman 50 Silverface
Fender Blackface Bassman AA864 Wiring Diagram and Schematic

In 1964 Fender introduced the "Blackface" design, with black tolex covering and a black painted control panel. Fender was sold to CBS in 1965, but this design continued until the "Silverface" model was introduced in 1968. The Brownface, Blackface, and Silverface "piggyback head" (except the Bassman 10 and 20, which were also combo amplifiers) versions of the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s generally followed a trend toward cleaner sound and more headroom.

Add a Mid-Range Pot To Your Fender Amp
Fender Mid Range Control Pot Mod

This file will show you how to add a mid range pot to your fender amp. Instead of adding a mid pot Fender often used a fixed 6.8 resistor instead. The 6.8k resistor is soldered to the bass pot (2 lug) wiper to (1 lug) ground with the (3 lug) left untouched. You can also replace the 6.8k resistor with a 10k resistor for more mids without a pot or a lower value for less mids.

Johnny Winter
Johnny Winter Dies at age 70

Texas Blues guitar legend and singer Johnny Winter died Wednesday in a hotel room in Switzerland, his representative said Thursday. He was 70. "His wife, family and bandmates are all saddened by the loss of their loved one and one of the world's finest guitarists," his spokeswoman, Lori Haynes, said.

Cheech and Chong - Schecter Guitars
Cheech and Chong Limited Edition Guitars

Schecter Guitar Research and Cheech and Chong will produce a limited number of graphic guitars to be created and sold under the Schecter Guitar brand. The comedy and musical duo started entertaining audiences in the early Seventies with their pot-smoking comedy routines and parody tunes.