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Guitar Pedal Mounting Options

Using Bike Chain Links/Plates to Mount Guitar Pedals

If your a gigging guitarist you know how important it is to have a sturdy, neatly designed pedal board, with your pedals mounted securely. Nothing worse then having your pedals getting beat up coming off the pedal board, or having the glue from the Velcro all over your board and pedals. Over the years I've used industrial strength Velcro, heavy duty wire ties, threaded L brackets and even corner brackets.

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Mesa Boogie Mark V and Mark V 25 Opinions

Mesa Boogie Mark V and Mark V 25 Opinions? Anyone own one? Thinking about buying one due to the fact you can dial in just about any guitar tone.

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Rip BB King. The world lost a blues legend.

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Schaller Floyd Rose

I need a new Schaller Floyd Rose and can't figure out which version. They have the standard version or the lockmeister. What's the main differences.


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Add Tremolo to Silverface Bassman Bass Channel

Anyone ever add a tremolo to the bass channel of a silverface ab165 circuit or similar.

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