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Hamer Guitar Facts

Did you guys know that Hamer guitars was the first custom guitar company to offer things like exposed coils, black hardware etc. Here's a list of Hamer first.

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What's the best way to mount pedals to a pedalboard

I have a pedal train pedal board and the velcro works ok, but it wears out and then your pedals are falling off the board. I have a soft case a hard case would be better. Does anybody have a diy method that's cheap to do and works better then velcro.

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Ecc83/12ax7 to 6n2p preamp tube conversion

With the rising costs of ecc83/12ax7 preamp tubes there's another tube 6n2p that much cheaper and it's a simple conversion. You can also buy a adapter that you plug in.

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Fender bassman 50 amp normal channel volume issues

I recently picked up a late 60's bassman 50 amp and when I turn up the treble on the normal channel it acts as a volume. How do I fix this.

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What's the job or purpose of a phase invertor preamp tube

I was wondering the purpose of a phase invertor tube in a tube amp. Does it effect the tone at all. Also can I use a 12at7 or 12au7 as a replacement for a 12ax7.

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